In the chain of value, the strongest link is your clients’ loyalty

Intellegit’s is a system based on “blockchain” technology through which:

  • your company can track every phase of the production process
  • the consumer can check the authenticity of your products and the entire supply chain, from the choice of raw materials to when the goods arrive in the shops

How it works

For your company
  • Brand protection and reputation: you can protect and inform your clients of the originality of your products and the supply chain via an unparalleled security system
  • Control of the supply chain: quality control, traceability and management of the production process are more effective and efficient, while all supply chain vulnerabilities are neutralised
  • New ways of communicating with the consumer: you can associate your every product with an unlimited amount of information about the excellence of the supply chain, e.g. videos, photos and certifications; all the information is authenticated using blockchain technology.
For your clients
  • Guarantee of raw materials: once you have selected the raw materials, BlockMyChain records the relevant data (geo-referencing, day, time, photos, videos) and associates it with a single certified code, for the purposes of protecting the consumer
  • Transparent procedure: the supply chain becomes transparent and accessible, as multimedia data is recorded in every phase and is then sent to BlockMyChain; the system memorizes it, certifies it and makes it available to the consumer, together with the product
  • Authenticity and intelligent purchase: for the first time ever, the client can be certain of the product’s authenticity and the truthfulness of the information gathered along the supply chain simply by scanning the QR-Code or NFC/Rfid Tag with his or her smartphone
  • Social consumption: the consumer can check whether the product keeps its promises and share his assessments, contributing to an informed consumption and improvement of the supply chain and product.