Certify the reliability of your e-commerce

VeriCommerce is an app that certifies the reliability of websites, in particular e-commerce platforms, in any product sector.

This digital stamp results from extensive university research, and guarantees users secure online purchases.

How it works

For you e-commerce website:
  1. Just request it via your website
  2. The app checks the website’s security standards
  3. The system issues the VeriCommerce stamp to be placed on your website
  4. The platform is entered on the white-list of verified websites
For your clients:
  1. The website user downloads the free app
  2. The user follows the instructions
  3. The app informs the user of the authenticity of your website

An example of use: VeriPharma

Today, in all EU countries it is possible to sell non-prescription medicines through websites. The European Commission has created a stamp and verification system to protect consumers, but these are extremely vulnerable tools.

  • 50% of medicines sold on the web are counterfeit
  • 95% of the websites that sell them are illegal
Our solution

The VeriPharma app overcomes the limitations of the EU logo, as it certifies that the online pharmacy is secure based on many more parameters, such as, for example, the fact that:

  • the medicines are genuine
  • the payment systems are reliable
  • the personal data is protected
  • the shipment method is guaranteed