Identify and prevent identity thefts that damage your company

IDentify is a software that recognises transactions carried out by false or stolen identities.

It automatically detects and prevents frauds that damage companies, institutions and clients, allowing your company to block frauds in real time.

How it works

  • It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based on the know-how acquired as part of the European project, Web Pro ID
  • It is tailored to your company and specific business
  • It generates a limited number of alarms – typically, less than 0.5 per cent of all processed transactions
  • With only 5 alerts for every one thousand transactions, up to 30% of frauds can be detected
  • It is based on data mining techniques, and can therefore learn and detect specific patterns
  • It analyses data in real time
  • It sends instant alerts to the company’s decision-making support systems
  • It shields against liability under national regulations
  • When connected to credit collection systems, IDentify can reduce the costs, in particular those connected with disputes with “clients-victims”