Urban Security

Building a more secure world, starting with our towns

Quality of life depends very much on how safe we feel in our towns.

Intellegit offers products and services, including ICT, to help institutions analyse and manage criminality in urban contexts.

Our products

Città.Sicura App

Citizens actively participate in urban security

Città.Sicura is the application that Intellegit has developed to increase citizens’ security and to facilitate dialogue between citizens and institutions.

This is a two-directional app: on the one hand, there are reports from citizens, and on the other, the services provided in response by the Town Council.


Perceived security does not necessarily correspond to objective data on criminality

To help institutions to interpret the data on “criminality” in all its complexity, Intellegit offers services for the execution of sample surveys on the objective and subjective security of citizens in urban contexts.

Urban Security Advisory

All the know-how of the European eSecurity project, at the service of your town

Intellegit has used its team’s multi-disciplinary know-how and experience acquired through the European eSecurity project to develop the Urban Security Advisory plan: an advisory services package for urban security destined for public administrations.

Communication & Awareness

The sense of security comes from awareness

Intellegit offers consultancy services to help public administrations communicate properly with citizens on urban security issues: criminology, security science and communication merge into one, to create audiovisual products and ad hoc social initiatives for every urban context.