Brand Protection & Supply Chain Integrity

Counterfeiting protection, and more: defend the originality of your brand

The products you make are unique, and so are your company and its production processes.

Defend the originality of your brand and the entire supply chain: Intellegit is by your side to prevent online and offline counterfeiting

Our products

In the chain of value, the strongest link is your clients’ loyalty

Intellegit’s is a system based on “blockchain” technology through which:

  • your company can track every phase of the production process
  • the consumer can check the authenticity of your products and the entire supply chain, from the choice of raw materials to when the goods arrive in the shops

Communication & Awareness

Your products are excellent: make sure your clients know that

The excellence of your products and the security of the production process can become an important competitive resource. As long as you know how to promote it.

As each story has its audience, Intellegit supports you with a consultancy service customised to the needs of your business: criminology, company security and communication merge into one, to create ad hoc audio-visuals for collaborators and clients