Advanced Data Analytics

How to transform data into strategic information

Using a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach, Intellegit can help you analyse your business’ internal and external data and transform it into strategic information for your company. 

Our products

Data Augmentation

Advanced services for data collection and analysis

We place university know-how at the service of your business through our Data Augmentation solutions: Intellegit offers you services to collect and analyse data through a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach.

BI Red Flags

Company intelligence based on data mining

Intellegit works by your side to create an expert company intelligence system based on data mining and customised to your company’s characteristics and specific needs.


Are you sure you are safe? Now you can check.

Intellegit provides you with a number of services that will help you to evaluate the efficacy of your company security processes

The objective is to highlight the company’s strengths and weaknesses and develop corrective solutions capable of maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of company strategies.