Fraud Prevention

Protect your company and your clients with our anti-fraud shields

Today, a large part of our lives is tracked, and people’s habits are sensitive data that fraudsters can steal and use again to carry out illegal acts that damage your company.

Intellegit has transformed the results of university research into unique solutions in the realm of fraud prevention services.

Our Products


Identify and prevent identity thefts that damage your company

IDentify is a software that recognises transactions carried out by false or stolen identities.

It automatically detects and prevents frauds that damage companies, institutions and clients, allowing your company to block frauds in real time.


Certify the reliability of your e-commerce

VeriCommerce is an app that certifies the reliability of websites, in particular e-commerce platforms, in any product sector.

This digital stamp results from extensive university research, and guarantees users secure online purchases.

Antifraud Scan & Design

Make your company processes more secure

Company processes often have vulnerabilities.

Intellegit provides you with a crime proofing service to analyse the situation and potentially intervene, redesigning a safer workflow when faced with possible external frauds.